In the last year I have been working predominantly with a social media company '9024international.comproducing video content for national and international football stars. Due to the personal nature of our relationship with clients this work will not be displayed on this portfolio.


More and more businesses are using social media as a tool to bring their message across. The infrastructure is there. Use it to your advantage! Share your stories and create relevant content to inform and engage with your clients via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc...Determine what is worth sharing with your followers/fans and broadcast your own message using these available social media channels.

The use of video is growing rapidly and is the perfect medium to interact and engage with your online audience. But be consistent and keep on creating relevant content. Inform, surprise, tease and promote your business with content only you can produce.  

Behind every person, brand or product there is a compelling and unique story worth sharing. What do you really want to share with the people you want to reach out to. Sometimes businesses tend to focus more on the end product than the story behind it. In a saturated consumer market with an endless variety of products or brands to choose from we need to go back to the basics. Who are you really and what is your story worth sharing?


At the moment I am working on several social media projects. Last year we launched 10 Seconds Het Gooi and 10 Seconds Amsterdam. Inspired by Vines 10 Seconds aims to promote local businesses in just 10 seconds. Entertaining with a high novelty factor, these short and affordable films allow businesses to highlight what makes them unique. From new developments, brand stories, and short promotions followers and fans get to interact with their favourite hot spots in real time! The content is published on 10Seconds Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information visit: www.facebook.com/10secondshetgooi.