Why not create 5 or 10 videos in one GO!

Every brand or business have a lot say. And trying to put all that in one video can sometimes be a challenge. Especially because you want your video to make an impact.

So why not create 10 (or any other quantity) videos in one time!  Each video sharing specific content and pinpointing one subject at a time. It will not only provide you with the extra content you'll need to inform the world about your business but it will also increase your online presence.

The crew is at the location or in the building anyway so why not use it to your advantage. Sometimes it may just require tweeking the concept or script so that we can start off making a series of video's and spreading the content through numerous edits.

in the end it will be much cheaper to create a series of video's in one go that to start up a new prodcution over and over again.

Based on the concept or script we will offer you a fixed fee for the full package. So no surprises and extra costs.