From branded content and corporate films to commercials and promotional videos.

Video content comes in many forms, it’s goal being to inform, inspire and mobilise clients. Video content also enables you to engage with your target audience by increasing your online presence.

Projects differ per client and so does the approach; you may want to emphasise on the story behind your brand, or simply boost the sales of a product. 
With solutions to suit all budgets, and a team of experienced professionals on standby to share ideas and expertise, your needs will be met.

First we need a concept or strategy, then we develop a script and a plan. Following the production of the video we can also strategically boost your video via the best suited social media channels. 

Branded Content. Behind every person, brand or product there is a compelling and unique story worth sharing. How your business got started. The action behind the scenes. The faces behind the logo. A new product launch or important event. A customer chooses emotionally, and quality video content engages prospects and clients in a way words cannot. 

Corporate film.  It is important to inform the public about what your business has to offer. Your personal story, or the passion and loyalty shown by your employees delivers a message that doesn't fit on a business card.  A video that strikes a balance between statistics, people, words and music can tell the interesting and unique story behind your business.

Promotional film/Events. Any brand, product promotion or marketing event deserves to be put on film. People are intrigued when they see other people engaging with new products, brands or services; by filming your event and editing it to show all the things you want highlighted, the event has a greater potential reach than the people in the room. We even have the software to make your video interactive. So extend your promotion and direct viewers directly to your website at the end of your video.

'I have been in advertising for almost 20 years and find a lot of fulfillment in creating ideas for my clients. In addition to my daily work as a creative (concept, design & art direction) I have found a new outlet for my creativity… film. 

When i first picked up a camera I felt the possibility, and looking back at my material I realised film brought new dimensions to an idea. All of a sudden things became very real. There is no hiding when there is a camera around, but to my surprise I found that people wanted to share their stories. I found this inspiring.  It struck me that most of everything we see or hear today, about a person, brand or product, is an opinion, perception or judgement. I wanted to give the businesses a chance to tell their story, their way. 

My aim is to find and capture this story and combine this with the commercial purpose of my client. In the end a customer will only keep coming back when they can connect to something or someone who is speaking from the heart'.